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Why GIGLIO tokens

  • Simplicity An account on GIGLIO.COM is all you need to start earning tokens
  • New opportunities Unprecedented shopping experience within our ecosystem
  • Safety Maximum reliability and guaranteed security level

How to obtain GIGLIO tokens

Tokens are integrated both at a blockchain network level and directly on the GIGLIO.COM platform, through which they are distributed and can be used to access dedicated advantages.
There are several ways to obtain tokens, all linked to customer loyalty.
As with any cryptocurrency, at a later stage, it will also be possible to obtain the Giglio token through centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. Giglio Token Whitepaper

How to use GIGLIO tokens

GIGLIO tokens can be used directly on GIGLIO.COM as access passes to virtual experiences and augmented reality sections linked to the fashion, crypto, and NFT worlds, but also to access exclusive items and dedicated benefits.
Outside our platform, tokens can be used for trading on exchange platforms as well as participating in DeFi activities.

Integration and safety

GIGLIO tokens are created within Liquid, the network developed by Blockstream as a Bitcoin sidechain, that guarantees low transaction costs and quick confirmation times, and that enjoys a maximum level of security and reliability for the business network. Giglio Token Whitepaper

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